A Pastor's Perspective for April 2017

The Risen Christ Be With You All!

April is a time to celebrate new life!  Spring is showing up with the warmer temperatures and longer hours of daylight.  Garden are being planned, and some plants are even being started on windowsills and in greenhouses.  This year, Easter is on April 16th, and reminds us that new life follows death.  Christ is the ultimate seed that lay dormant in the earth, then sprung forth in new life.  The darkness and gloom of winter is surely followed by the light and life of spring.

Spring is also the time when we celebrate where we have been and where we are headed.  Over the next months we will recognize our High School graduates and anticipate with them all the goodness the future holds.  The same is true for our Sunday school programs – this has been a fantastic year and the summer holds the promise of time at Camp Vermilion and VLM Day Camp here in Proctor.

Over the next months we will also recognize the wonderful history of ministry at Immanuel and Bethlehem.  Much like a High School graduation party, we will be looking back at the experiences of the past that have shaped our two congregations into what they are today.  We will retell the stories of the good times and the challenges, look back through pictures and “remember when.”  And also like a graduation party, we will look forward to the next chapter, both with hope and no small measure of fear.  The safety of the known will be left behind; the path forward is not fully known.  But just like the young man or woman going off to college or the first big job, the next chapter cannot begin without ending the current chapter.

Many programs and events will happen over the next few months.  I lift up the following list so that we can observe God’s way of bringing new life to his people.

  •  April 9-15 – Holy Week.  Jesus enters Jerusalem celebrated as a king; shares his Last Supper with his disciples, and gives his life on the cross.
  • April 16 – Easter Sunday.  God’s love is stronger than death.
  • May 7 – Graduate Recognition at Bethlehem.
  • May 14 – Graduate Recognition at Immanuel.
  • May 21 – Immanuel’s 100th Anniversary Party.  Joint worship service at Immanuel followed by a program and luncheon.  (last Sunday at Immanuel; no worship at Bethlehem)
  • ·June 4 – Pentecost Sunday at United Lutheran Church.  Organizational meeting and festival worship with Bishop Aitken.


Blessings to you and yours!  +Pastor Kowitz

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