ELCA Malaria Relief Campaign

Malaria Campaign.

For the last few years, the ELCA has committed aide to the world wide malaria campaign. Did you know that in 13 Countries, 17 out of 25 Children contract Malaria every day? It is the largest killer of children under the age of 5 in those countries. the ELCA Malaria Campaign has saved 700 lives a day in these countries by providing education, medication and mosquito nets to impoverished villages that are hit the hardest by this terrible disease. I have a challenge. At the NEMN Synod Assembly we selected an envelope with a number on it. Our number is 130. Our challenge is to raise $130 for this campaign. If just 13 people here gave $10 each, the goal is reached. Your dollars make a difference. Contributing to this campaign will save lives.  On this Mothers’ Day consider a donation honoring or in remembrance of your mother and/or the mother of your children.  It’s very difficult for a child in a malaria area to survive without his or her mother.  Can you help? Thank you very much.