Immanuel Youth

Sunday School

Sunday School Starts back up in September under the lead of our new Sunday School Coordinator-Shannon Jorgenson

Sunday school is held twice a month. Learning and sharing is more meaningful and engaging when all are present. Thank you, parents, for your commitment in getting your children here!
The schedule does not stay consistent due to holiday months and therefore will be printed online and posted on the wall by the Sunday School area.

Sunday School 2016-2017
September 18- Rally Day
October 16 October 30
November 13 November 27
December 11
January 8 January 22
February 5 February 19
March 5 March 19
April 2 April 30
May 14

I may need to add a rehearsal session or two in the November/December time frame for the Santa Lucia pageant, but will know more once we have a script for that....

Respectfully and prayerfully,
Shannon Jorgenson

Worship Participation

Youth are an important part of our Church and our Worship Service. They serve as Acolytes every Sunday. Older youth also participate as Assisting Minister. These jobs are important to the Church, the Pastor and the Congregation, We need you to Participate!

Thank You for Serving!

See church secretary  for scheduling or training.