Confirmation Classes

Bethlehem and Immanuel Lutheran Churches, Proctor MN

Confirmation Schedule for Winter/Spring 2016

Wednesdays:6pm – 7:15pm Confirmation (at Bethlehem or Immanuel, see schedule)

7:15pm – 7:30pm Snacks/Travel to Youth Group if at another location

7:30pm – 8:30pm ACT Youth Group (at Forbes UMC or Bethlehem, see schedule)

Sundays:       Active worship participation; 10 units of Worship Leadership

Ongoing:       Service in community; 5 units of Service


Date                                      Confirmation / Youth Group                                    Topic

February 3rd          Special Session at Salem Lutheran Hermantown        Bishop Aitken

February 10th        Immanuel / Ash Wednesday service (no Youth Group)                    Exile

February 17th                  Meal and Service at Immanuel / Forbes                              Lent

February 24th                  Meal and Service at Immanuel / Forbes                              Lent

March 2nd                       Meal and Service at Immanuel / Forbes                              Lent

March 9th                        Meal and Service at Immanuel / Forbes                              Lent

March 16th                      Meal and Service at Immanuel / Forbes                              Lent

March 23rd                                   Immanuel / Forbes                   Wilderness Temptation

March 30th                           No Confirmation or Youth Group                        Spring Break

April 6th                                   Large Group at Bethlehem

April 13th                                   Bethlehem / Bethlehem                                   Disciples

April 20th                                   Bethlehem / Bethlehem                             Feeding 5000

April 27th                                   Bethlehem / Bethlehem          Parables of Lost and Found

May 4th                                   Large Group at Bethlehem                                            

May 11th                                   Bethlehem / Bethlehem                         The Last Supper

May 18th                                   Bethlehem / Bethlehem          Crucifixion and Resurrection

May 25th                                   Bethlehem / Bethlehem                        Road to Emmaus